Women’s Workout Simplified Rx

Dr. Qutab The Doctor’s Doctor Women’s Workout Simplified Rx was created to provide women athletes and fitness enthusiasts, such as Yoga, Pilates, hikers, CrossFit and runners with the very best nutritional support possible. In today’s fast-paced world, obtaining quality nutrition can be difficult. The Standard America Diet, or SAD as it’s referred, is void of almost all essential nutrients. Heavily processed, pre-packaged foods now dominate the majority of foods consumed. Dr.Qutab’s Women’s Workout Simplified Rx aims to provide athletes and health conscious women with products that will enhance performance and improve overall health.

Women’s athletes and fitness enthusiasts have become increasingly interested in utilizing nutritional supplements to meet their unique metabolic needs and to help achieve their personal best.

Dr.Qutab’s Women’s Workout Simplified  Rx products offer the highest purity and most bioavailable ingredients without being compromised by preservatives, dangerous artificial flavors, additives, or fillers. They are a logical match for helping to maintain peak condition and optimal physiological function. Dr.Q’s workout products utilize the latest breakthroughs in nutritional research, biochemistry, and natural health products. Optimal nutrition plays a key role in physical activity and athletic performance. In fact, it could be argued that ideal nutritional intake plays as important of a role as physical conditioning in the athletic individual.

Both recreational and serious women athletes can benefit from nutritional support that addresses some of the basic needs of physical exertion, including proper fuel and hydration, as well as protection for the cardiovascular, immune and musculoskeletal systems.

Dr. Abbas Qutab designed and formulated these products based on decades of research and experience to enhance athletic performance, recovery, and longevity. In today’s world to enhance athletic performance, many women athletes and amateur fitness enthusiasts incorporate Cross Training for total body fitness and optimal performance. For instance, endurance athletes spend time strength training with weights while power athletes include cardio workouts to boost endurance and stamina.

Dr.Qutab’s Women’s Workout Simplified Rx supplements consist of three categories, which are easy to follow and easy to implement. This allows women athletes and fitness enthusiasts to customize the endurance and or speed/power components of their program.


The first category includes three core products that form the nutritional foundation of every women athlete and fitness enthusiast. The second category contains pre-workout nutritional products for strength/power as well as endurance. The third category offers post-recovery and repair products.

CORE FOUNDATION Rx: For every Women athlete and Fitness Enthusiast

  • Women’s Daily Multivitamin Complete
  • Women’s Omega 3 EXTRA STRENGTH
  • Probiotic Daily  GLUTEN  FREE & DAIRY FREE


  • Women’s Daily Multivitamin Complete – 2 Capsules x2 a day with meals
  • Women’s Omega 3 EXTRA STRENGTH – 2 Capsules x2 a day with meals
  • Probiotic Daily GLUTEN FREE & DAIRY FREE – 1 Capsule a day on an empty stomach




  • 1 Sachet of Pre Workout
  • Mix in 8-10 oz. of water.
  • Shake and drink before the workout


  • Post Workout


  • 1 Scoop of Post Workout
  • Mix in 10-14 oz. of water.
  • Shake and drink after the workout