Nitric Oxide & Your Health

by in Blogs March 27, 2020

Nitric Oxide is one of the most remarkable molecules in all of nature. Searching the PubMed database results in more than 160,000 Nitric Oxide research articles, and we have only been studying it for 30 years. Here are a few of the most important health benefits of Nitric Oxide :

  • The Nitric Oxide produced by nerves helps one nerve communicate with another or with cells in the brain.
  • Production of Nitric Oxide helps support healthy Thyroid function to promote a healthy metabolism.
  • It is necessary for the regulation of blood flow through the circulatory system. By supporting healthy blood flow, Nitric Oxide brings more oxygen and nutrients to cells in the body. It also inhibits blood clots and supports healthy sexual function.
  • Nitric Oxide produced by certain bone cells called osteocytes improves bone mineralization and prevents osteoporosis.
  • For those who exercise, Nitric Oxide helps to reduce acidosis caused by exercise. It also builds muscle strength by increasing the blood supply to the muscles.
  • Nitric Oxide supports healthy immune function by creating an environment in which viruses have more difficulty multiplying.

To help my patients with healthy aging I created a formula, Nitro Max. It has been formulated based on Nobel Prize-winning research and helps your body to produce more Nitric Oxide for Healthy Aging.