Men's Workout Rx

Male athletes and fitness enthusiasts have become increasingly interested in utilizing nutritional supplements to meet their unique metabolic needs and to help achieve their best performance. Dr.Qutab’s Men’s Workout Rx supplements offer the highest purity and most bioavailable ingredients without being compromised by preservatives, dangerous artificial flavors, additives, or fillers. They are a logical match for helping to maintain peak condition and optimal physiological function. His workout supplements utilize the latest breakthroughs in nutritional research, biochemistry, and natural health products. Optimal nutrition plays a key role in physical activity and athletic performance. In fact, it could be argued that ideal nutritional intake plays as important of a role as physical conditioning in the athletic individual.
Dr. Qutab’s Workout Rx supplements consist of three categories, which are easy to follow and easy to implement. This allows male athletes and fitness enthusiasts to customize the endurance and or speed/power components of their program.